Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boot in Brandy (size 9.5). Peru. $178. Purchase.

Full post coming soon. Initial thoughts are generally positive: beautiful leather, great upper detail with full lining, leather sole is a Blake welt, which isn’t ideal for rainy locales, but is OK for dry climates or fair weather days. The edge of the sole has what appears to be a fake welt for decorative purposes, theoretically riding on the tide of Goodyear and Blake/Rapid’s good perception and style.

This is deceptive and thus frowned upon, but they do mention it in their product description as an “Added layer of stitching between upper and leather sole for a slightly more rustic look.” I’ve gifted these to a friend, so I’ll report back on wear updates.

nisolo emilio chukka boot in brandy by blind bully 2Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boot in Brandy by Blind Bully 3


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