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Klonopin is an oral drug from the benzodiazepine group. This medication is produced in the form of tablets for oral administration. In retail, you can find:


  • Klonopin oral tablets
  • Orally disintegrating Klonopin tablets


Each Klonopin tablet contains 0.125 mg, 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, or 2 mg of the active substance Clonazepam. Online pharmacies offer the best prices for Klonopin (Clonazepam) tablets and provide an opportunity to buy them without a prescription.


Buying Klonopin online takes just a few minutes. However, before you buy this benzodiazepine without a prescription, it is important to get all the necessary information about this medicine.


Men and women, who never bought Klonopin tablets online before, can get the information about the conditions of their delivery from a pharmacist. Online pharmacies send Klonopin tablets by mail, in discrete packaging. Therefore, buyers of this benzodiazepine preserve the confidentiality and anonymity of their order.


When buying Klonopin without a prescription, you should carefully read the leaflet for the patient and find out more information about the indications, contraindications and side effects.


Despite the fact that Klonopin tablets contain one active ingredient, they possess two therapeutic effects and can be prescribed to treat two different diseases.


  1. Klonopin exerts a clinically significant antiseizure effect. Therefore, patients with seizure disorders can use this benzodiazepine as an anticonvulsant.
  2. Klonopin tablets also have an antipanic effect. Therefore, patients with panic disorder can use this drug as an anxiolytic agent.


When buying benzodiazepines without a prescription, you need to choose the same dosage of Klonopin that is approved for the treatment of a particular disease. If the required dosage of Klonopin is not available, you can always find generic versions of this drug in online pharmacies.


Klonopin generics are called oral tablets that contain 0.125 mg to 2 mg of the active ingredient Clonazepam. Such tablets can be sold under the international non-proprietary name Clonazepam or under original trademarks.


The most popular Klonopin generics are sold under the brands Rivotril, Paxam, Desiclonazepam, and Antelepsin. It should be noted that one and the same pharmaceutical company can sell Clonazepam-containing medicines under different brand names.


For example, Hoffmann-La Roche produces Clonazepam tablets and sells them:


  • In the USA - under Klonopin brand.
  • In Canada - under the brand Rivotril.


Klonopin and Rivotril tablets have the same color, shape, labeling, package size, and dosage of the active ingredient. Therefore, the main criterion for choosing between one of these drugs is their price.


For an objective comparison of prices for Klonopin and its generic versions, you have to compare the cost of tablets that contain the same amount of the active ingredient Clonazepam.


If Klonopin is purchased at an online pharmacy, then the cost of the tablets delivery must be taken into account apart from the cost of the tablets themselves. Wholesale buyers of anticonvulsants and/or antipanic drugs may be provided with free shipping for Klonopin.


Patients, to whom Klonopin was prescribed for long-term maintenance therapy for seizure or panic disorders can buy Klonopin for the entire planned treatment course and get the maximum discount.


When buying Klonopin without a prescription, it is important to follow the prescribed dosing regimen without abusing this drug or using it "off label".


Klonopin may be prescribed for both seizure monotherapy and in combination with other anticonvulsants.


  • The maximum Klonopin dose that is recommended for controlling seizures in adults is 20 mg per day, divided into 2-3 intakes.
  • To treat seizure disorders in children, Klonopin can be used at a dose of up to 0.2 mg per day, for each kg of bodyweight, divided into several intakes.


In a prolonged Klonopin treatment, its anticonvulsant activity may reduce. Therefore, patients who were prescribed low or moderate Klonopin doses may require a gradual increase in the daily doses of this anticonvulsant.


  • Anti-panic treatment should be initiated with a minimum Klonopin dose of 0.125 mg.
  • If the low dose fails to provide a significant reduction in symptoms and signs of panic and anxiety, it can be gradually increased.
  • Most patients manage to achieve control over the panic attacks with a single Klonopin dose of 1 mg.
  • To enhance the antipanic effect, Klonopin dose can be gradually increased to a maximum of 4 mg per day.


Compliance with the dosing regimen for Klonopin allows to successfully control the anxiety symptoms and helps to reduce the frequency of serious panic attacks relapses.


Klonopin is one of the best benzodiazepines, approved for the treatment of seizures and panic. However, if a patient has contraindications to its use, his doctor may recommend buying another antipanic agent or an anticonvulsant, which, just like Klonopin, will be available in online pharmacies without a prescription.


Buying Klonopin and other benzodiazepines online helps patients save time and money, and makes the drug therapy for chronic diseases more affordable.